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Science and Technology of Digital Agriculture

We are passionate about the food we eat, and how we can improve it through Geegah technology.  We are dedicated to providing the devices and systems that free up the human mind to do fun and creative things without worrying about our food. We are developing technologies for Internet-of-Plants, being able to image soil and provide real time data on plant health, through our partners at ARPA-E and the The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.


State-of-Art Biometric Sensors

Making electronic payments securely effects us all to feel safe in a world full of fraudulent intent. At our company, we are developing most advanced sensors to offer the most secure and convenient biometric sensors. Based on gigahertz (Hence, the name GEEGAH) ultrasonics we offer single chip biometric solutions with an emphasis on fingerprint sensing.


Advanced Internet of Things

ioT devices can revolutionize our lives by providing a sense of awareness of our environment never been possible before. Geegah technology enables very high level of integration of functionalities on chip: Sensing, Signal processing, and Computation for ultra miniaturized and low power systems that can be used in a wide variety of applications that generate useful data.

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Dr. Amit Lal


Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Justin Kuo

Mr. Justin Kuo, Technologist

Chief Technology Officer

Our Advisors


  • Roger Hauptman
  • Anant Agrawal
  • Alex Behfar

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Geegah LLC

350 Duffield Hall, Praxis Center for Venture Development, Ithaca , NY 14853


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