About Geegah

The transition from film cameras to digital imaging unleashed a wave of innovation in what cameras looked like, how pictures were taken, and where pictures were used. The revolution enabled entire industries, including mobile communications, social media, and self-driving cars. Close your eyes and imagine what will happen when any surface can record detailed, high-framerate video, without light. Open your eyes-that’s Geegah. Our mission is to make micro and nano imaging simple, powerful, and available everywhere. Where optical imaging technologies are bulky, expensive, and limiting, our breakthrough research in piezoelectric CMOS electronics has the power to image tiny objects quickly, easily, and in almost any environment.

Nematode imaging is an important place to start-but for us it’s just the start. We are working towards a world where low-cost imagers can be placed anywhere. One key mission is to optimize agriculture to feed a growing population while cooling our heating planet. To that end, we are building imaging technology that can be deployed across our environment to produce a detailed, constantly-updated profile of soil, roots, pests, moisture, and salinity. This will help farmers determine the optimum amount of fertilizers, water, and pesticides.

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Our Team

Serhan Ardanuc

Chief Science Officer

Serhan is an electrical engineer specializing in ultrasonics. He received his PhD from Cornell and a BSEE from METU. Serhan has substantial entrepreneurial and high-volume, leading-edge electronics hardware product development experience.

Justin Kuo

Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer

Justin enjoys making state-of-art imaging solutions using ultrasonics. He received his BSEE and Ph.D. in Electrical engineering from Cornell University.

Anuj Baskota

Chief Imaging Officer

Anuj is a bioengineer with a focus on micro and nano imaging. He earned his BS in BEE from Cornell University.

Scott Zimmerman

Director of Electronics Engineering

Scott has deep experience creating the most advanced PCB systems by merging ultrasound and other sensors with electronics. Scott received his BSEE from Rochester Institute of Technology.

Dr. Amit Lal

Co-Founder and Advisor

Amit is an electrical engineer focusing on creative solutions to hard problems. He received his BSEE from Caltech and a Ph.D. from UC Berkeley. He also served as a program manager at DARPA from 2005-2009. He directs the SonicMEMS lab at Cornell University.