Ultrasound Imager at Gigahertz Frequencies Enables Breakthrough Research

Forget optics, forget large form factors, forget high power requirements. Our chip-based ultrasound imaging technology is fast, detailed, and ridiculously small.

Here’s how we make your nematode research better

Ultrasound Instead of Light:

Each pixel sends ultrasound images and analyzes the signal amplitude after it bounces off the surface of the chip

Large and Expandable Resolution:

The imager comes standard with 128×128 pixels; they can be placed in an array to create an imaging area of any size

Low Power Requirements:

Tiny amounts of electricity are required to run the chip and send and receive the ultrasound waves

More Data than Light:

Ultrasonic wavelengths reveal more than visible wavelengths, particularly for living samples

More than just an Imager:

Image data processing with deep neural nets produce rich data outputs.

Image Chip Technical Specifications:

Ultrasound waves bounce off the surface of the chip and are recorded as they return. Reflection amplitude is interpreted as image.

Imaging region per image chip is 6.4mm X 6.4mm

Frame rate of 4-10 frames/second

Operating temperature range 0C to 40C

High 128×128 pixel resolution per image chip

Overall unit size: 180mm x 140mm x 35mm