Ultrasound Imager Enables Breakthrough C. Elegans Research

Research C. elegans and other nematodes faster, better, and at lower cost with our patented ultrasound imager.

Here’s how we make your nematode research better

Working in the dark never looked so good

No need for expensive, bulky lighting equipment that requires a lot of setup and risks disturbing the nematodes.

Flat form factor enables new workflows

Using the ultra thin Geehah Ultrasonic Chip Imager, you can collect video from a stack of petri dishes without disturbing the nematodes.Imagers can be placed on top of agar plates and image nematodes.

Large and expandable imaging area.

The Geegah Ultrasonic Chip Imager has a large image size of 6.4mm x 6.4mm. Need a bigger imaging area? Ask us about a chip array setup that allows you to make an imaging area of any size.

Get more data

The ultrasonic properties of the nematodes exterior, such as stiffness and density, reveal age & species.

Doubles as a petri dish

The top of the imager can be used as a petri dish, or host a microfluidic channel.

Automated nematode analysis

Web image processing with deep neural nets automates nematode recognition and characterization.